Honest Wines

Our vocation is to make sincere Ribeiro wines based on agronomy, applying knowledge of science to cultivating the land. Landscape and territory wines, authentic and genuine, made with a mixture of native grapes.

Our production philosophy is based on keeping as faithful as possible the full potential of the vineyard and the grapes that reach the winery. To achieve this, the character of the plots must be fully respected and the least interventionist in the winery.

Knowledge and selection

Our work concept is to separate our plots as much as possible and subdivide each one of them to know their behaviour. We apply a harvest criterion that is based on two pillars: knowledge of the variety and the plot, and the selection of 100% grapes in the vineyard.

For this reason, not only each type of grape is collected separately, but also each plot and each variety within the same vineyard. They tend to be very long harvests because our goal is to achieve the optimum and complete state of ripeness.


Depending on the origin plot and variety, we use the materials that least alter the natural character of the grape and the vineyard. In addition to small capacity stainless steel tanks, in the winery we use different volumes and woods, all of them already used; casks, open vats, different styles of barrels and egg fermenters made of concrete.


Meín Castes Brancas 2022 is the evolution of O Pequeno. The deep division of the land across different villages of the concello Leiro requires meticulous viticulture adapted to the microclimate of each vineyard. The most important grape variety is treixadura, blended with small percentages of godello, albariño, torrontés and loureira.

An example of a multi-varietal wine from the Avia valley and the unique climate of Ribeiro, Meín Castes Brancas is the extension of the landscape dotted with vineyards in the surroundings of Lugar de Meín and in this historical vineyard territory. Freshness from the Atlantic influence. Aromas of inland summers. The expression of the sábrego soil in an exceptional vineyard.

Mein CB
O Gran Meín Castes Brancas


O Gran Meín Castes Brancas 2021 is the demonstration of the plurivarietal landscape, and the historical knowledge based on the smallholding viticulture of Ribeiro. The division of the land into vineyards of small areas and the different elaborations of treixadura, godello, torrontés, albariño, loureira, caíño blanco and lado are worked independently in the vineyard and winery.

The search for the essence of each fraction of the land ends up forming part of an assemblage wine after aging. O Gran Meín Castes Brancas represents the viticultural history of Lugar de Meín, the Avia Valley and its aging capacity. Subtle aromas of citrus and flowers that become more expressive over time and as it opens. Complex and full of life that recalls its orig


O Gran Meín Tinto 2020 reflects the great viticulture inherited from the historic Ribeiro. The vineyards of Osebe and Ribeira, in the north of Leiro, are oriented towards the east. The brancellao and caíño longo, reach the ripeness of the Galician interior, while retaining its characteristic, age worthy acidity.

The attention of the team  in the vineyard and in the winemaking process determines the great singularity of this wine. Vibrant and expressive. Marked Atlantic character with a long finish of soft tannins. Direct. Authentic.


Emilio Rojo


Emilio Rojo 2018 is the result of smallholder viticulture. The blend of different local varieties (treixadura, lado, godello, caíño blanco, albariño and Emilio Rojo 2020 is the interpretation of an exceptional plot: a 1.2 ha labyrinth of terraces on the western slope of the Avia valley with nascent exposure. A place where the symbiosis of inland Galicia, co-planting of varieties, sábrego soil and colleiteiro viticulture intersect.

Emilio Rojo is an unrepeatable vineyard and wine. Treixadura, lado, godello, albariño, caíño blanco, torrontés and loureira recall the historical past and the diversity of the environment. The knowledge acquired over generations elevates its elaboration to excellence. Complex, diverse and integrated aromas that reflect the environment, the grape varieties, the soil and the climate. Energy and depth in the mouth, reflect this plot. The fortune of transmitting a unique vineyard.

Histórico de vendimia

Harvest record

Avia valley is characterized by an Atlantic influence during most of the year, but with inland temperatures in the summer. An extreme climate that expresses the landscape of this environment.