The Avia valley is a liquid landscape. Thermal waters and waterways surrounded by historical vineyards with the best conditions for grape production. The great Galician ecclesiastical centres settled in the Avia valley with farms, reserves and priories.

All the vineyards of Viña Meín-Emilio Rojo are arranged in terraces, plots and socalcos, which are the heritage of the valley’s ancient culture, where the vine was monoculture from the 13th century.

Viña Meín-Emilio Rojo vineyards are surrounded by large granite rocks, many hidden in the mountains, among trees and vegetation, which outline the special landscape of the Avia valley.


Slopes of the valley

Our plots are located in the bocarribeiras, intermediate terrain between the mountain and the riverbank, in the central area of the valley, in San Clodio, Leiro.

The Viña Meín-Emilio Rojo vineyards symbolise the two slopes of the Avia valley. Viña Meín is located on the left bank of the Avia river, that of the west and the evening sun. Emilio Rojo’s plot is right in front of Viña Meín, on the right bank of the river, the shore of the rising sun (east) and the morning sun.

The vines are an amalgamation of orography and undulations of the territory, north-south, east-west exposures and hours of sunshine. Complexity that not only affects each side of the river but each plot on the same side


“Each plot is a unit in itself due to its complex orography
and geographical location”

Laura Montero




The ancestral smallholding of the Ribeiro transforms the territory into a mosaic of unique winegrowing identities.

The complex orography and the smallholding mark the winery’s viticulture. Successive distributions of estates from generation to generation and the historical legacy of the family structure have resulted in very small vineyards. The orography layout defines not only the territory but each plot according to the steepness of the slope, the orientation, the level of sunshine and the type of exposure, which vary in a matter of metres.