Nature in terraces

The Ribeiro landscape is sculpted in granite and terraces in endless valleys dotted with streams and hot springs. On terraces and narrow paths that run between stone walls won from the mountain through the hands of several generations

The environment

Small landholdings that draw and colour the Avia Valley in shades of grey and green. An environment whose roots go deep into the history of viticulture in the Iberian Peninsula.

Minifundio Galicia

The spirit of the sun
through the Avia river valley

The Viña Meín-Emilio Rojo vineyards face each other, and are fully exhibited before the routes of light. The small eleven plots of Viña Meín, incandescent in the morning; the terraces of Emilio Rojo, in the afternoon.

The origin

Meín is listed in the Galician history books as one of the first settlements closest to the legendary Cistercian monastery of San Clodio, which is the epicentre of the development of viticulture in Ribeiro.

The vineyard`s talent

Emilio Rojo is the fusion between person and vineyard. Viticulturist and visionary (colleiteiro) harvester in his commitment to quality. His emblematic wine comes from a place of exceptional viticultural conditions.

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