The 2019 vintage began with dry, cold weather, including a few frosts. At the end of January, the tide turned with abundant rainfall until the arrival of spring. A rather dry May prevented any major fungal problems in the vineyard. A hot, dry summer with high temperatures and scarce rainfall in August allowed for healthy vineyard conditions until the end of the cycle without placing any significant water stress on the vines. The harvest began on September 9th and ended on October 3rd. It was a typical harvest in Galicia: sunny days broken up by a few rainy ones in between, which helped favor a slow harvest. Multiple harvests were carried out according to the individual plot and variety, ensuring each grape was at peak ripeness upon selection.


2018 was a very complicated climatological year throughout the Ribeiro region. It began with a mild temperatured winter with little rain and hardly any frost in the first weeks of January. Spring brought high temperatures with a high level of environmental humidity caused by rain between April and the end of June. To mitigate the possible attacks of fungal diseases such as mildew and black-rot, we use specific preventive treatments in certain parts of the vineyard. Conditions improved from July with the arrival of dry weather and hardly any dampness. It remained that way until the harvest that took place in the first weeks of September. In general, the vintage was very good although it was reduced in quantity but not in quality.