Viña Meín Blanco 2018

Viña Meín Tinto 2018

Viña Meín Tinto 2018 expresses the unique and elegant character of Osebe and Ribeira, two small plots of just one hectare planted on terraces in the heart of the historic Avia Valley. Two of the ancestral varieties of Ribeiro are found in its elaboration: Caíño longo at 75% and Brancellao that adds 25%.

A special Atlantic influenced microclimate but with the particularity of a great thermal oscillation during spring and summer define the temperament of the wine.


Caíño Longo



2018 was a very complicated climatological year throughout the Ribeiro region. lt began with a winter that had a mild temperatu­re, little rain and hardly any frost in the first weeks of January. Spring brought high temperatures with a high level of environmental humidity caused by rain between April and the end of June. To mitigate the possible attacks of fungal diseases such as mildew and black-rot, we use specific preventive treatments in certain parts of the vineyard.

Conditions improved from July with the arri­val of dry weather and hardly any dampness. lt remained that way until the harvest that took place in the first weeks of September. In general, the vintage was very good although it was reduced in quantity but not in quality.

The soils and native varieties mark the genuine style of the Ribeiro red wine, produced in the region for centuries, although today it is a minority. Viña Meín Tinto is made with Caíño longo (75%) and Brancellao (25%) on  a unique “sábrego” soil with a particularly fine granite decom­position, combined with slate and decomposed shales.

Harvesting the barely 1.7 hec­tares of Osebe and Ribeira was carried out manually in small boxes after an exhaustive moni­toring during the ripening period and after a first selection in the vineyard.

The wine was made in different types and sizes of wood: large barreis, foudres and open vats. On average, the wine was aged in oak for about 11 months before being bottled. This 2018 Viña Meín Tinto harvest was bottled in August 2019.