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O Pequeno Mein

O Pequeno Meín 2019

O Pequeno brings together the diversity and richness of Ribeiro. The vineyards are defined by their smallholding character where each row of vines and each terrace has its own soul.

The way the vines seamlessly blend into the landscape, its slopes and granite soil, demonstrates the important part each piece plays in making up the whole. In O Pequeno we find singularity in the blend of local varieties that have been planted here for centuries: Treixadura, Godello, Albariño and Torrontés. A straightforward representation of this environment that is expressive and lasting.





The 2019 vintage began with dry, cold weather, including a few frosts. At the end of January, the tide turned with abundant rainfall until the arrival of spring. A rather dry May prevented any major fungal problems in the vineyard. A hot, dry summer with high temperatures and scarce rainfall in August allowed for healthy vineyard conditions until the end of the cycle without placing any significant water stress on the vines. The harvest began on September 9th and ended on October 3rd.

It was a typical harvest in Galicia: sunny days broken up by a few rainy ones in between, which helped favor a slow harvest. Multiple harvests were carried out according to the individual plot and variety, ensuring each grape was at peak ripeness upon selection.

The different plots that make up Viña Meín-Emilio Rojo are located along the Avia Valley. Due to the steepness of the terrain, different orientations can be found even within the same vineyard. The character of each plot is a hint to what will eventually become O Pequeno.

The smallholdings that are typical of Ribeiro and northern Spain have allowed us to acquire deep knowledge of each plot´s identity. Viña Meín – Emilio Rojo respects the unique characteristics of each vineyard as a part of their customized winemaking approach.

O Pequeno 2019 uses only grapes from varieties that have been planted in this environment for centuries. Treixadura, Godello, Albariño and Torrontés are hand-selected through multiple harvests throughout each plot. Upon arrival at the winery, the grapes are separated for fermentation by variety and plot.

O Pequeno is fermented in small vats of either stainless steel, oak or concrete, depending on the characteristics of the grape. The final step in its production, blending, is what projects the richness and diversity of this landscape. After resting about 10 months on its lees, it was bottled in October 2020.