Varietal richness

If Ribeiro stands out for something, it is for its great heritage of local varieties preserved over hundreds of years.
Vines with which landscape and territory wines are made, traditionally with mixtures of indigenous grapes, where each contributes its peculiarities to obtain authentic and genuine wines.

In Viña Meín-Emilio Rojo we cultivate a great diversity of local grapes and, as is traditional in Ribeiro, the plantations are usually of mixed varieties.

In whites, the majority is Treixadura (65%) followed by Torrontés, Godello, Albariño, Loureira, Lado and Caíño Blanco.

In red varieties we mainly grow Caíño Longo and Brancellao. We have some sousón plants, in addition to the old Garnacha Tintorera vineyard.